Run for CP Campaign

Marlee Bokhoven
Abby Foster
Ashley Kraus
Kristina Mooney
Chelsea Ross


PR Group Campaign Paper


For our awareness campaign we chose Cerebral Palsy. We chose Cerebral Palsy, because there are many misconceptions about it. There is a wide range of severity and each case is unique to the individual. Cerebral meaning brain and palsy refers to loss or impairment of motor function. In our research we found that there are more than 200,000 cases each year. This is the most common motor disability in children, affecting 1 out of 323 children.  

Our objectives for our campaign is to get people informed about Cerebral Palsy and help the families that are affected by it.

To achieve our objectives we have come up with an idea for a 5k on March 25th in the Cedar Valley. We chose March 25th as the date because that is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. To get people to come to our event we will create social media sites to update and excite the community about our event. We will also have flyers put in hospitals, health clinics, schools, daycares, and other public areas where families will see them. We will also put an ad in The Courier and The Northern Iowan to get participates, as well as volunteers for the event. Another way we are going to try is get an interview with a local TV station, so they can put the story on their website. We feel this will really raise awareness around the entire community.

Now to the details of our event for our 5k each participate will get a t-shirt when they register. Registration is $40 and in the registration will be an option of joining a support group, as well as the option to make a donation to The Cerebral Palsy Foundation. The families or people with CP will get green shirts and runners supporting will get white shirts with green lettering. While at the 5k there will be booklets providing the families and community with more information about Cerebral Palsy.

Finally for the evaluation of our campaign. Our campaign is strong in the fact that we make the public aware of the families in their community the experience CP on a regular basis. Another good thing our campaign offers families to join support groups if they so choose. Finally, our event will raise money for The Cerebral Palsy Foundation which will help other families. The only weakness of our campaign maybe that fact that there are a lot of awareness campaigns, so it maybe hard to stand out.


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